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Can You Get Car Insurance Without a License?


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Jessica Martel
Updated November 2, 2022
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Can you get car insurance without a license?

Yes, legally you can.

You might be wondering why someone without a license would even need car insurance. It seems counterintuitive. However, there are several reasons one might purchase car insurance without a valid driver’s license.

In this article, we explore some of the reasons people may want to purchase car insurance without a license. We also provide some tips for how you can go about making the purchase.

Can You Get Car Insurance Without a License?

While you can get car insurance without a license, it might be more challenging to find an insurer that is willing to provide coverage to an unlicensed driver.

When purchasing auto insurance, one of the first pieces of information the insurer will request is your license number. This is so they can check your driving history and determine if you are considered a high-risk client.

If you want to get insurance without a license, you may have to look past some of the big-name insurance companies and find a smaller insurer willing to deal with high-risk drivers.

Can You Get Car Insurance With a Suspended License?

Your license can be suspended for a number of reasons including a DUI or reckless driving. If you have a suspended license, it is still possible to get car insurance. You will need to file an SR-22 certificate, also known as a certificate of financial responsibility.

An SR-22 itself is not insurance. It is a form that you file with your state to demonstrate you have the minimum coverage that is required by law. An SR-22 is usually required to get your license reinstated. If your insurance provider offers coverage for SR-22 then you can ask them for the form. If your provider doesn’t offer this option, you will need to purchase a new policy.

Why You Might Need Car Insurance Without a License

While it may seem nonsensical to purchase car insurance when you don’t have a license, there are several legitimate reasons you might need to do so.

You Have a Health Condition

There may be a time in your life when you encounter a health condition that prevents you from driving. If your license expires during this time, you may still want to consider car insurance as a way to protect your vehicle. While your vehicle is sitting in your garage or a storage facility, you can consider purchasing comprehensive coverage car insurance to protect against damage from a fire, flood, or a falling object and theft.

You Need a Chauffeur

As you enter your golden years, you might start to feel uncomfortable or unsafe driving yourself around. In this case, you may rely on someone else to take you to appointments or run errands. Even if you're not the one driving the car, you will still need to ensure it is properly insured. If the person driving you around is your spouse or another member of your household, you can consider adding them to your coverage as a primary driver.

You Have a Learner’s Permit

A teenager who has a learner’s permit will need the proper car insurance if they intend to drive. However, minors are unable to purchase car insurance on their own and will need an adult with a valid driver's license to help them obtain insurance.

Note that it is expensive for teenagers to purchase insurance. If possible, a more cost-effective method is to add your teen to a family member’s existing car insurance policy.

You Collect (But Don't Drive) Cars

Not having a driver’s license doesn’t prevent you from collecting cars or insuring them. Whether you’re into collecting antiques or restoring old cars as a hobby, you can purchase different types of auto insurance like a comprehensive plan to protect against damage or theft. You can also buy classic car insurance for a more specialized plan.

How to Buy Car Insurance Without a License

While buying car insurance without a license is possible, it can make the process more complicated and possibly more expensive. It’s a good idea to call around to different insurance companies and compare quotes before making a decision. Here are some tips you can use when buying car insurance without a license.

Assign a Primary Driver

If you own a car but don’t drive it, you can consider assigning someone else as a primary driver. A primary driver is a person who drives the vehicle more than anyone else. When setting a rate for your insurance, the primary driver’s driving records will be used when calculating your insurance premiums. So, if you can, choose someone with a clean driving record to keep your insurance costs down.

To assign someone as the primary driver, many insurance companies require that they are a member of your household. This usually includes your spouse, family member, or roommate. You can speak with your insurance company about its specific requirements.

Excluded a Driver (If Necessary)

An excluded driver is someone who is not covered by your insurance policy. If you are already listed on an insurance policy and your license expires, you can ask your insurer to exclude you. Being excluded from your policy can reduce the risk to your insurer since your insurer will not be responsible for covering you if you were to drive and get in an accident. Some states do not allow excluded drivers, so make sure you contact your insurance company to confirm.

Buy Parked Car Coverage

If you require car insurance for a vehicle that is going to be parked in your garage or put into storage, consider parked car coverage.

Parked car insurance is also referred to as comprehensive-only insurance or stored car insurance and provides coverage if your car is stolen or damaged . Typically this type of insurance is cheaper because you don’t pay for liability insurance. However, this means you are not covered if you decide to drive your car.